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February 6, 2023
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Los Gatos extends carrot to developers in hopes of netting some affordable housing under SB9

Feb 1 Council Meeting Zoom
Councilmember Matthew Hudes didn’t quite get the version of a temporary Senate Bill 9 ordinance he would’ve liked to have seen—so he was the single “no” vote against the one passed by Council Tuesday night. He said it didn’t go far enough to ensure...

Homeowners, renters see future of Los Gatos differently

Housing Survey by Residential Status
The results of a new survey from the Los Gatos Community Alliance show that when it comes to the future of Los Gatos, there’s a gaping divide—between homeowners and renters. This survey of registered voters in Los Gatos, conducted Oct. 12-18 via telephone interview, email...

Council approves list of places for 1,993 homes

North 40 sunset
Council began to get into the nitty-gritty of where new housing should go, during its meeting June 7, as it approved a place list from the Housing Element Advisory Board. Associate Planner Jocelyn Shoopman introduced the item, explaining the locations had been organized into three...

The ‘Wild’ case of a woman placed at-risk due to sketchy Santa Clara County paperwork

Sidney French at home. (Drew Penner / Los Gatan)
The office of Harry Ryan was the place Jack London penned his seminal novel “the Call of the Wild,” about a dog that’s taken from the Santa Clara Valley to the Klondike, where he befriends wolves and leads a sled team. Ryan, who met London...

Los Gatos zeroing-in on where residential growth should happen

Equality vs. Equity slide
Community members got a sense of where the Town thinks residential development should sprout in the coming years, during an online meeting March 31. The digital forum gave residents an overview of how the “Housing Element” section of the General Plan will come together, and...

Los Gatos approves process to raise density at North 40 site

Bellaterra at Los Gatos Grand Opening
The Los Gatos Town Council voted to support increasing—to 40 units-per-acre—the number of homes the developer of the North 40 mixed-use project can build, during a milestone General Plan debate, Monday. But the elected officials opted not to require a floor of 30 units-per-acre, as...

Los Gatos approaching $2B in home sales

psychedelic house watercolor
The red-hot real estate market that’s scorched Los Gatos and the rest of the state could be showing signs of cooling, but the market promises to be robust for the foreseeable future, local agents predict. According to data by the Santa Clara County Association of...

COMING SOON: Town on verge of handing theater keys to CineLux

Interior of the Los Gatos Theater (main area)
Paul Gunsky navigates his way around the boxes stacked up next to the concession booth inside Los Gatos’ classic theater building. The CineLux CEO—who jokingly refers to his title as “head popcorn popper”—has been crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s as his company edges...

Memo: County Planning suffering serious backlog issues

Sidney French uphill
The County department that’s been threatening a Santa Cruz Mountains resident with thousands of dollars in fines and possible civil or criminal prosecution has been dealing with serious backlog problems, according to a 2019 memo obtained by the Los Gatan. Sidney French, 69, who lives...

Los Gatos considering historic-home tax break

president of historical society
Amid the minutiae of General Plan deliberations on Monday, the Los Gatos Town Council voted to move forward with a plan to consider a tax break for owners of historic properties. Mayor Rob Rennie—who said the Mills Act provision “seems like a subsidy for rich...