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March 25, 2023
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Op-Ed: Tamien Nation deserves to be recognized as historical Los Gatos tribe

surf fishing
On Aug. 10, 2022, the Los Gatan published an article by Drew Penner on the Town’s efforts to acknowledge the first people of Los Gatos. We were dismayed by the comments anthropologist Alan Leventhal made regarding the Tamien Nation, which were repeated by Muwekma...

Story highlights overlooked individual (letter)

The recent article on Sahr Fania by Drew Penner (Los Gatan, Nov. 2-8) was wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing the story of a Los Gatan who does not fill the profile that is often told about “important” people in other Los Gatos publications. Please...

Op-Ed: Town must seek proof before recognizing ‘Original Inhabitants’

Charlene and quote
In a recent Los Gatan article, titled “Town’s effort to acknowledge earliest residents fraught with challenges,” journalist Drew Penner was attempting to shed light on the efforts of the Town of Los Gatos to acknowledge its less-than-inclusive telling of its own history. But the...

Horticulture: Soil saturation distresses roots

sweet flag water saturation horticulture
Saturation of the soil should be a rare problem within the local chaparral climates. Water is a limited resource. That is why plants that are not native or endemic to other chaparral or desert climates rely on supplemental irrigation. Many exotic species would not...

Guest View: ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’

Jeffrey Blum
In 1950, Rotary International adopted two mottoes. One was “He Profits Most Who Serves Best” (Rotary did not officially welcome women until 1989), and the other was “Service Above Self.” To this day, Rotary continues to use the latter motto. After being a member of...

Letter to the Editor: Sue Walsh is one of Los Gatos’ special residents

You will find that Sue Walsh approaches her projects and the people she provides for with extra care. She gets to know people by learning what they care about, then attends to their interests and needs. She works toward a greater good. We all...

Letter to the Editor: A plea to disrespectful dog owners

dog pooping in a field
Hello, fellow Los Gatos residents and visitors, We have a wonderful town. But dog owners who do not pick up their dog’s droppings (poop), please do not leave it on our sidewalks. Unhealthy, unkind, just wrong. So many of you do pick up after their pets...

Lung cancer can attack without a cigarette in sight

lungs and dust
I walked out of a chemistry lab my freshman year of college, excited to call my family and update them on my newfound independence. What greeted me on the other line was not exciting news, however, it was news that crushed my soul.  “Kaitlyn,” my grandmother...

Guest View: ​​Dissolving the SOS in Los Gatos

Jeffrey Blum
The acronym “SOS” stands for save our ship. It can also stand for sorting, othering, and siloing, which is how the acronym is used in “I Never Thought of It That Way: How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times,” written by...

Guest View: Many unanswered questions surrounding artificial turf

There are drought-tolerant, warm season turf grasses that are tougher, require less water/maintenance/fertilizer and, if maintained properly, will equal or exceed artificial grass in quality, safety and perhaps usability. Natural grass fields also have many other health and environmental benefits such as providing oxygen,...