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June 19, 2024
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Writer says mayor and vice mayor got the shaft in recent article about Town’s Housing Element

Dear Editor, I'm writing to share my personal opinion (and not speaking in my role as a Planning Commissioner). It looks like you got your facts wrong in the May 7 edition of the Los Gatan. Throwing Mary Badame and Matthew Hudes under the bus...

Doug Brent: Self-driving ‘hype’ becoming reality

Self driving in the snow
Back in 2015, Elon Musk made this pronouncement about the future of self-driving cars, “We’re going to end up with complete autonomy, and I think we’ll have complete autonomy in about two years.” At that time, I was a technology leader at Trimble, a...

Van Nada: 4 Town officials responsible for flood of Builder’s Remedy proposals

Los Gatos Civic Center
Four Town officials—Town Manager Laurel Prevetti and former mayors Maria Ristow and Rob Rennie, along with Councilmember Rob Moore—have been responsible for the failure to get the Housing Element passed, despite five attempts. Ristow recently said the three of them should be recognized for...

Blood: The hot commodity everyone needs

Blood by Ahmad Ardity
We've got a crisis on our hands, and it's not the latest TikTok trend or an avocado shortage. We're talking about a severe blood drought. The life-giving, accident-saving, surgery-enabling fluid is in shorter supply than toilet paper during the whole pandemic debacle. You might be...

‘Fugitive Dreams’ and forgotten realities

Jeffrey Blum
I’m not a movie reviewer. In fact, I wasn’t even much of a movie watcher, until the pandemic hit, which pretty much coincided with my semi-retirement (more like 90% retirement) from working as a family law attorney. Since then, I’ve watched hundreds of movies....

Columnist lauds compassion in action

Jeffrey Blum
On a recent rainy Saturday morning, I attended a Rotary meeting in Cupertino. My purpose in going was to learn more about the state of mental health services in the county, in my role as a commissioner on the Los Gatos Community Health and...

Guest View: Town’s failure on housing has disastrous consequences

guest view illustration
Jak Van Nada considers the consequences of Los Gatos failing to get its Housing Element certified, despite sending in multiple drafts.

Closing the gaps in mental health care

senior and caregiver
I learned from a panel discussion held on Dec. 14 at the Los Gatos Town Hall, that mental health care is riddled with gaps, leaving many individuals struggling to access the services they need.  From a shortage of qualified providers, to inadequate insurance coverage, to...

Never criticize your boss

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay
Contributor Jeffrey P. Blum is a family law mediator. Robert Greene’s book “The 48 Laws of Power” instructs us to never criticize our boss. Avoiding criticizing your boss is important for maintaining your position and gaining favor. Criticisms can be perceived as a challenge to...

My wild road map for older adult services

Jeffrey Blum
The Community Health and Senior Service Commission (CHSSC) is implementing year one of the road map to improve the lives of older adults in Los Gatos. As CHSSC’s chairperson, my position presumably affords me some latitude to “tongue in cheek,” think outside the box and...