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July 3, 2022

Guest View: Community-based mediation is needed in Los Gatos

Jeffrey Blum
Perhaps I’ve read too many articles and listened to too many podcasts decrying the level of vitriol and partisanship existing in Washington D.C. and in many communities throughout the country. Add to this sorry situation the scenes of conflict I’ve seen on television and...

Guest View: Many unanswered questions surrounding artificial turf

There are drought-tolerant, warm season turf grasses that are tougher, require less water/maintenance/fertilizer and, if maintained properly, will equal or exceed artificial grass in quality, safety and perhaps usability. Natural grass fields also have many other health and environmental benefits such as providing oxygen,...

Guest View: Protecting the newts of Alma Bridge Road

newt alma bridge road
A week before the 2022 New Year, I received a text from a friend expressing his dismay at the great number of dead newts he saw on Alma Bridge Road while he was biking. This was right after one of the December winter storms....

Letter: State shouldn’t profit on grieving children

letter to the editor
A family member dying and passing the family home onto their child or grandchild should not be a taxable event. Prop. 19 allows property to be reassessed to market value when it passes from parents to children, resulting in a massive property tax increase...

Guest View: Town should explore other ways to boost revenue

Jeffrey Blum
It strikes me that the major reason for allowing cannabis dispensaries in Los Gatos would be to generate more revenue. Assuming for argument’s sake that this is correct, there are options for generating revenue other than from allowing cannabis dispensaries in town. I often...

Letter: Better to be right than first

letter to the editor
Journalists seek to deliver, and society craves, fast information due to the evolution of the internet, social media and the 24-hour news cycle. But at what cost?  The Los Gatan's front-page article on the events of the Oct. 5 Town Council meeting was published in...

Send us your letters

Image of a retro typewriter.
As the town’s local community news source, Los Gatan welcomes comments, letters and contributed opinion pieces on topics of local interest. Letters are best if they are 250 words or less, and opinion pieces can go up to 750 words. If you have a different...

Why does it take so long to build?

North 40 construction
A much-discussed course of action to bring housing affordability to our area is to create more housing. And if we are to build more housing, why does it take so long?  While serving on the San Jose City Council’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Building & Planning,...

Coming to terms in Los Gatos

guest view article
Los Gatos is not Washington, D.C. where the level of partisanship is extremely high. Nor is it Palo Alto, where I lived for more than 40 years prior to moving to Los Gatos in November 2019, and where I observed the divisiveness our community...

Mike Wasserman says things are looking up…

Mike Wasserman looking up
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and remained healthy. I’m a “cup is half full” kind of guy, and believe that 2022 has a lot of positive surprises in store for all of us! Board President. In December, my colleagues...