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July 3, 2022

Guest View: How to teach kids about fiery realities

wildfire burns at night
Parents want to shield their children from the dangers of the world—but fire is one thing they can’t sweep under the rug. Especially now, as our communities begin to realize fire season no longer has a beginning or end; it is a constant where...

Guest View: Community-based mediation is needed in Los Gatos

Jeffrey Blum
Perhaps I’ve read too many articles and listened to too many podcasts decrying the level of vitriol and partisanship existing in Washington D.C. and in many communities throughout the country. Add to this sorry situation the scenes of conflict I’ve seen on television and...

Mike Wasserman says things are looking up…

Mike Wasserman looking up
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and remained healthy. I’m a “cup is half full” kind of guy, and believe that 2022 has a lot of positive surprises in store for all of us! Board President. In December, my colleagues...

A mom’s response to an astroturf op-ed

Thank you, Giulianna Pendleton for your opinion of artificial turf (Los Gatan, Dec. 8-14). One simple, shortened response from a mom of three former child student-athletes, now college/graduate school adults: Staph. Constantly recurring. Don't go there. Very truly yours, Denise Donnelly Los Gatos >The op-ed discussed the issues around astroturf, which...

Here’s how Los Gatos can keep its commissions active

Jeffrey Blum
During the past few years, I’ve served as a member of the Community Health and Senior Services Commission (CHSSC) in Los Gatos. For most of that time, our commission, which is supposed to have six adult members and one youth member, has had one...

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

As we draw nearer to Thanksgiving, I am reminded of this holiday’s origins and significance. There are some interesting and noteworthy parallels with today’s world, two years after Covid-19 began. While Thanksgiving has only been a national holiday since it was established in 1863 by...

Coming to terms in Los Gatos

guest view article
Los Gatos is not Washington, D.C. where the level of partisanship is extremely high. Nor is it Palo Alto, where I lived for more than 40 years prior to moving to Los Gatos in November 2019, and where I observed the divisiveness our community...

Tales of the Town: A Newspaper is Born Again

Black and White Los Gatos
So there we stood… on the corner of N. Santa Cruz Ave. and Main Street two weeks ago, ready to start a weekly newspaper in Los Gatos. Again. Randy Frey was there, as was Roger Sanford, who always manages to show up at the...