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June 19, 2024
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My Disneyland-themed vision for LGS Rec’s facility

Disneyland castle
First, the disclaimer. While I am the chairperson of the Community Health and Senior Services Commission (CHSSC), I write this article on my own behalf. Second, hopefully, my colleagues on CHSSC and the Los Gatos Town Council will not decide to oust me or demote...

‘Tis the season for scams

Jeffrey Blum
I started my holiday season by getting hacked. The hacking was a product of my foolishness rather than a case of my supposed diminishing faculties due to my age (71 1/2) getting the better of me. Something was fishy (no pun intended) in the...

Sahr’s Passages: How did a man from a prominent Sierra Leonean family end up homeless in Los Gatos?

Sahr Fania in downtown Los Gatos
He has much in common with other residents of Los Gatos: He’s a veteran who grew up in a family with mining interests overseas. He’ll buy you a cold drink on a hot day. When he’s offered a free beer at the bar he...

Discover LOST Gatos: Happy Birthday, Los Gatos!

discover lost gatos etching town los gatos incorporated
On Aug. 10, 1887—135 years ago today—a newly created Board of Trustees voted to officially incorporate the Town of Los Gatos. Let’s mark the occasion with a quiz about our beloved town’s history. 1. Who was awarded a land grant for El Rancho Rinconada de...

Horticulture: Soil saturation distresses roots

sweet flag water saturation horticulture
Saturation of the soil should be a rare problem within the local chaparral climates. Water is a limited resource. That is why plants that are not native or endemic to other chaparral or desert climates rely on supplemental irrigation. Many exotic species would not...

HORTICULTURE: Color outside the spectral lines

Zonal geraniums
Green is the most common floral color. It only seems to be rare amongst flowers because almost all green bloom relies on wind for pollination. Thus, neither color nor fragrance is useful to get the attention of pollinators. Actually, green flowers do not get...

Horticulture: Vines are aggressive social climbers

Regardless of how appealing many of them are in home gardens and landscapes, vines are flagrantly exploitative. They rely on shrubbery, trees or anything they can climb on for support. As they reach the tops of their supports, they extend their foliar canopies above....

Guest View: Many unanswered questions surrounding artificial turf

There are drought-tolerant, warm season turf grasses that are tougher, require less water/maintenance/fertilizer and, if maintained properly, will equal or exceed artificial grass in quality, safety and perhaps usability. Natural grass fields also have many other health and environmental benefits such as providing oxygen,...

HORTICULTURE: Deadhead spring bulbs after bloom

Hyacinth both colorful and fragrant.
Fruiting warm season vegetables that are now in season, such as squash, tomatoes and beans, are more abundant with regular harvest. Plants that produce such fruit respond to their natural obligation to generate seed. Deprivation of the fruit that contains their seed stimulates production...

DISCOVER LOST GATOS ‘Los Gatos, CA: Population 90,000’

El Gato Penthouse
With all the controversy surrounding California’s mandated housing bill, let’s take a look back to a time when our very own Town Council considered making an even more draconian move. During the 1960s, downtown businesses were losing customers to the popular new concept of shopping...