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February 6, 2023
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Los Gatos considering historic-home tax break

president of historical society
Amid the minutiae of General Plan deliberations on Monday, the Los Gatos Town Council voted to move forward with a plan to consider a tax break for owners of historic properties. Mayor Rob Rennie—who said the Mills Act provision “seems like a subsidy for rich...

Harmonie Park taps former mayor to launch land-use consultancy

Marcia Jensen
One of the developers behind the North 40 project along Highway 17 in Los Gatos has brought the town’s former mayor, Marcia Jensen, on board to launch a consultancy. The Bachman Avenue-headquartered Harmonie Park Development, a company with around 10 million square feet under management,...

Referendum throws wrench into Los Gatos’ housing plans

collecting signatures in Los Gatos
Despite Town Council having already decided on how much housing to plan for when it passed the 2040 General Plan earlier this year, an organization pushing for slow growth had managed to get a couple key parts of it put on hold. But the group...

Town settles on sites to target for residential development

housing element sites locations
Los Gatos submitted its draft Housing Element plan, which sets out how the Town plans to grow the number of residential units in the community, to State officials Oct. 14. While the Housing Element approach to urban planning has been with California for decades, only...

General Plan: Council narrowly rejects proposal that might violate housing rules

Council meeting snapshot
The hard-won consensus achieved by the Planning Commission about what housing should be built in Los Gatos was shattered by multiple stones as Council took up the General Plan Monday. It included a broadside by Mayor Rob Rennie, who proposed introducing an entirely new zoning...

The ‘Wild’ case of a woman placed at-risk due to sketchy Santa Clara County paperwork

Sidney French at home. (Drew Penner / Los Gatan)
The office of Harry Ryan was the place Jack London penned his seminal novel “the Call of the Wild,” about a dog that’s taken from the Santa Clara Valley to the Klondike, where he befriends wolves and leads a sled team. Ryan, who met London...

General Plan adopted: Council shuts down density increases in single-family areas, but up-zones elsewhere

Looking out from the Los Gatos hills
On June 30, Los Gatos adopted a General Plan that takes strides toward making the community a more welcoming place for people of all backgrounds, while restricting the number of homes that will be allowed to sprout in some areas. The document, which will guide...

ADU install in Los Gatos becomes a neighborhood affair

After Joe Sordi moved with his parents to Los Gatos from Washington D.C. at age 7, one of the first things the family did was install a pool. Now, 50 years later, they’ve demolished it and plopped a small house—often referred to as a carriage...

Housing density tops questions in General Plan update

Housing Development Study Session
As Council members discussed the emerging General Plan and Housing Element documents, during a special session Dec. 7, they appeared hyper-aware they were dealing with one of the most sensitive subjects for many locals. Officials looked at how the Town might alter its plans now...

General Plan: Commissioners weigh impact of more bird protections during remodels, upping housing at North 40 site

April 25 - General Plan Discussion at Planning Commission
It was another late night for planning commissioners Monday, as they went through the Draft 2040 General Plan line by line, carrying on from where they left off April 13. As the officials considered the potential impact of a suggested change to the Environmental and...