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May 18, 2024
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Council approves list of places for 1,993 homes

North 40 sunset
Council began to get into the nitty-gritty of where new housing should go, during its meeting June 7, as it approved a place list from the Housing Element Advisory Board. Associate Planner Jocelyn Shoopman introduced the item, explaining the locations had been organized into three...

General Plan: Commissioners weigh impact of more bird protections during remodels, upping housing at North 40 site

April 25 - General Plan Discussion at Planning Commission
It was another late night for planning commissioners Monday, as they went through the Draft 2040 General Plan line by line, carrying on from where they left off April 13. As the officials considered the potential impact of a suggested change to the Environmental and...

Los Gatos zeroing-in on where residential growth should happen

Equality vs. Equity slide
Community members got a sense of where the Town thinks residential development should sprout in the coming years, during an online meeting March 31. The digital forum gave residents an overview of how the “Housing Element” section of the General Plan will come together, and...

Los Gatos kicks off development conversations with first Housing Element meeting of the year

North 40 homes
As General Plan Update Advisory Committee (GPAC) Chair Melanie Hanssen got a peek—along with other Housing Element Advisory Board (HEAB) members—at the two digital tools Los Gatos will use to propose its contribution to combatting California’s housing crisis, she forecast a hearty community back-and-forth...

ADU install in Los Gatos becomes a neighborhood affair

After Joe Sordi moved with his parents to Los Gatos from Washington D.C. at age 7, one of the first things the family did was install a pool. Now, 50 years later, they’ve demolished it and plopped a small house—often referred to as a carriage...

Los Gatos extends carrot to developers in hopes of netting some affordable housing under SB9

Feb 1 Council Meeting Zoom
Councilmember Matthew Hudes didn’t quite get the version of a temporary Senate Bill 9 ordinance he would’ve liked to have seen—so he was the single “no” vote against the one passed by Council Tuesday night. He said it didn’t go far enough to ensure...

Los Gatos Planning Commission slams proposal for town’s tallest building

Flags fly outside Los Gatos Meadows
Los Gatos Planning Commissioners voted not to support a developer’s proposal to rebuild the Los Gatos Meadows seniors complex at 110 Wood Road as exclusive residences for the most affluent. At their regularly-scheduled Jan. 13 meeting, they unanimously gave the thumbs-down to a project that...

Housing density tops questions in General Plan update

Housing Development Study Session
As Council members discussed the emerging General Plan and Housing Element documents, during a special session Dec. 7, they appeared hyper-aware they were dealing with one of the most sensitive subjects for many locals. Officials looked at how the Town might alter its plans now...

Homeowners, renters see future of Los Gatos differently

Housing Survey by Residential Status
The results of a new survey from the Los Gatos Community Alliance show that when it comes to the future of Los Gatos, there’s a gaping divide—between homeowners and renters. This survey of registered voters in Los Gatos, conducted Oct. 12-18 via telephone interview, email...

Mike and Kim Wasserman selling historic home

looking at the old photos
Mike Wasserman, the former Los Gatos mayor and current county supervisor, is moving—but not that far. Only six inches, in fact. Wasserman, who along with his wife Kim have owned and lived at 68 Broadway near downtown since 1984, is moving to a new home currently...