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September 23, 2023
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COMING SOON: Town on verge of handing theater keys to CineLux

Interior of the Los Gatos Theater (main area)
Paul Gunsky navigates his way around the boxes stacked up next to the concession booth inside Los Gatos’ classic theater building. The CineLux CEO—who jokingly refers to his title as “head popcorn popper”—has been crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s as his company edges...

Exhibit depicts work inequality for women

Sawyer Rose exhibit
Sculptor Sawyer Rose uses art to depict the work inequalities that women face in her exhibit, “Carrying Stones,” on display at New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU) through Jan. 23, 2022.  Upon installation in May, Rose premiered two new sculptures and two more were added in...

Article inspires generational transfer of musical instrument

Boy must grow into this accordion
When Virginia Primon was a shy teenager in the 1950s, playing accordion was something that got her onto a community float, to serenade people along the streets of San Jose during a community parade. After going to college to become a teacher, she just didn’t...

Chill temperatures on Lupin Lodge’s communal mountain forces clothes for New Year’s bash

The sun had set, the fire outside was crackling, and the homegrown heirloom carrots were almost ready to plate. Dylan Palmer, 30, the event organizer for the New Year’s Eve festivities at Lupin Lodge—the longstanding clothing-optional institution in Los Gatos’ mountains—was scurrying around handling final...

Sojourning to Luz Donahue’s inspired world of abstraction

Luz Donahue
In the Winter 2022 issue of BOMB Magazine, Joe Fyfe argues that abstract art emerged out of the desire to tap into more direct approaches to creation.  “The process became the subject matter,” he wrote. “There was seen to be a therapeutic value in the...

Emerge to Immerse: Founders of new event venue hope to transport guests

Immersive Los Gatos Snap
Opening Oct. 1, “Immersive: Los Gatos” is an aptly named venue offering year-round events at 15 North Santa Cruz Ave. Business partners Donovan Friedman and Alex Hult say the current plan is to host themed dinner shows Monday through Wednesday, pay homage to the...

RIP Bob Long: Celebration-of-Life Rock Show Saturday for Community “Pillar” Killed by Covid-19

Remembering Bob Long
Los Gatos resident Eric Drew is grieving, because one of his best friends just died. When Rotarian Bob Long was claimed by Covid-19 Aug. 27, he said, Los Gatos lost a key resident. “He was a pillar of the community,” he said of Long, who was...

Garth Brooks’ star power harnessed for Vets Memorial fundraiser

Winning Garth Brooks Tickets - Photo by Drew Penner
Country music fans from around the South Bay descended on Los Gatos Saturday in an attempt to win a coveted place in the audience at an intimate performance by an industry stalwart. Mari Sharp, 52, arrived from east San Jose, in an attempt to accomplish...

Hillbrook student preps role alongside Broadway actors

Jackson Janssen looking up...
A 10-year-old boy who attends Hillbrook School in Los Gatos is preparing for his first professional role, as part of the upcoming TheatreWorks Silicon Valley production of “Ragtime.” Jackson Janssen says he’s a little bit nervous, but also thrilled to be preparing to play The...

Calendar: Hootenanny!, carriage rides, teas + tours

Ainsley House Holiday Teas and Tours The annual Ainsley House Holiday Teas and Tours will be held from noon to 2pm Dec. 9-12. Guests will be treated to a special Ainsley House tea blend, sparkling cider or champagne, and an assortment of sandwiches and desserts....