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Worker and a senior woman during home visit. (Ground Picture / Shutterstock)

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors recently approved a County effort to support the Town of Los Gatos in its efforts to increase services for older adults. 

The $125,000 grant from the County, proposed by Supervisor Joe Simitian, will be used for older adult senior case management and adult day service programs. 

“Our County’s population is aging at a faster rate than the rest of the nation, and that’s certainly true in Los Gatos,” Simitian said. “We’ve got to start developing these programs and services now, if we’re going to meet the needs of this growing population.” 

“Kudos to Los Gatos,” Simitian added. “The demographics of the Town are changing, and the Town is stepping up to address that change. I’m hoping a little help from the County can help the Town do more, and sooner rather than later.”

Earlier this year, case management and adult day services were two areas of need identified in the recently released Senior Services Roadmap for Los Gatos. With seed funding now in place, the Town of Los Gatos will work in the coming months to either develop case management and adult day services, or identify local agencies and organizations who can provide these services and programs for the community. 

“We are appreciative of both the resources and flexibility this grant provides,” Los Gatos Town Manager Laurel Prevetti said. “The needs of our community are unique, and it is important to identify and develop services that specifically address the needs of Los Gatos seniors.”

Clients in adult day programs have access to an individualized care plan, activities, dietary services, assistance with medication management, nutrition, personal care and supervision. The services provide socialization opportunities, cognitive stimulation, reduce falls and emergency room visits, and provide access to physical activity. 

For caretakers, adult day services provide respite, peace of mind, the ability to stay in the workforce, and access to education and referral services. Case management provides services for older adults after a comprehensive assessment by a social worker.

“I hear from older adults often about how difficult it is to find services,” Simitian said. “This partnership between the County and the Town of Los Gatos means older adults will be getting connected to services they need in their own community.”

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