From the files of the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department for the week of Feb. 6-12, 2022.

Feb. 6

• A drunk, “mumbling” man reportedly walked into a store on N. Santa Cruz Avenue a couple of times at 1:26am.

• A man smoking on a campus on Los Gatos Boulevard reportedly refused to leave at 8:58am.

• An unknown suspect stole a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked on Belridge Drive.

• A caller reported drivers “drag race” on Blossom Hill Road and Los Gatos Boulevard every Sunday.

Feb. 7

• A patient reportedly struck a doctor in the face on Lark Avenue at 12:02pm.

• A man, described as “in good shape” with no shirt, startled a caller after appearing from the bushes on a creek trail from Main Street at 1:02pm.

Feb. 8

• A caller reported that a driver of an SUV, who “appeared upset about the amount of juveniles in the area” of Los Gatos Boulevard and Charles Street, “peeled out into the intersection” and nearly hit a person at 8:23am.

• A wallet was reported stolen on Roberts Road.

• A home was burglarized on Ashler Avenue.

• A man was heard swearing in the bushes on Bean Avenue at 7:05pm.

• A man was arrested for disorderly conduct on the first block of N. Santa Cruz Avenue at 9:40pm.

• A man reportedly walked in and out of a hotel lobby on S. Santa Cruz Avenue, yelling and throwing small rocks at 10:39pm.

Feb. 10

• A man was arrested for inflicting injury on a cohabitant on the 200 block of Creekside Village Drive at 1:26pm.

• A caller reported seven juveniles were riding bicycles and shooting Nerf guns at each other on Los Gatos Boulevard and Roberts Road at 5:34pm.

• A man, described as being “high as a kite,” was reported for smoking marijuana on Heintz Court at 5:51pm.

Feb. 12

• A customer stole a printer from a store on the 15100 block of Los Gatos Boulevard at 10:03am.

• Vehicles were burglarized on Fairview Plaza and Garden Hill Drive.

• A man was arrested for reckless driving on Blossom Hill Road and Begonia Drive at 3:24pm.

• A home was burglarized on Grandview Avenue.

Information is compiled from public records released by the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department.

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