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February 28, 2024
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My wild road map for older adult services

Jeffrey Blum
The Community Health and Senior Service Commission (CHSSC) is implementing year one of the road map to improve the lives of older adults in Los Gatos. As CHSSC’s chairperson, my position presumably affords me some latitude to “tongue in cheek,” think outside the box and...

Handyperson Jeff goes to work with Rebuilding Together

Jeffrey Blum
My dad was an all-around handyperson. He had a well-equipped work room in our basement and the knack to take on and complete difficult home improvement projects, such as installing a central air conditioning system, vents and all, to cool our entire house.  Sadly, I...

Alliance: Leaders need to do better job on housing plan

writing stock image
I mentioned in the article, “Group says Town needs to add more sites to housing list” (Los Gatan, Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 2023), that I thought the leadership, two mayors and the Town Manager have failed us for the past two years. They had to...

Blum: The dilemma facing caregivers of older adults

Jeffrey Blum
I am an old geezer who likes to stay informed. This means I am a news junkie and a voracious reader. Give me a good newspaper (electronic format is OK), a good magazine (paper form only), an interesting podcast, and a good audible book...

The worry wart surfaces

Jeffrey Blum
Most conscientious attorneys are worry warts/party poopers. We’re paid to consider all potential scenarios. Thus, it came as no shock to me that I reacted first with pleasant surprise and then with concern when I heard that the State of California had awarded LGS...

Blum: My ideas for attracting new members to Rotary

Jeffrey Blum
Somehow through my years as a volunteer in many different endeavors I’ve gotten the notion that I know how to generate interest about the organizations I’ve been involved in. In many cases I did this by writing articles about the organization, such as the...

Move away from the ‘waterfall effect’

Victoria Falls, a waterfall on the Zambezi River in southern Africa
Volunteers know it is difficult to accomplish change. When I sought along with several others to get a Restorative Justice program implemented at a Los Gatos school, I initially encountered great enthusiasm for the idea. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm was followed by inaction on the...

Facing old age

Jeffrey Blum
As I move through my senior years in semi-retirement mode, I share jokes about ailments and commiserate with fellow old timers about lost loved ones. At the same time, I apply myself to my job as a commissioner on the Community Health and Senior...

How to create a healthier community

old books
Reading “Davos Man: How the Billionaires Devoured the World” by Peter S. Goodman left me despairing the power and greediness of a select group of billionaires until I neared the book’s end. One of the final chapters, titled “The Money is Right There in...

A rewarding challenge

Jeffrey Blum
Timing is everything, right? Somehow, in some way, I find myself serving as the chairperson of the Community Health and Senior Services Commission as it undertakes monumental tasks.  These tasks include implementing the Senior Services Committee’s incredibly comprehensive road map for improving older adult services...