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July 24, 2024

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courthouse Santa Clara County by Drew Penner

O’Connor reportedly being offered 17-year sentence by judge to plead

Next week, Shannon O’Connor, the Los Gatos mother currently detained on 39 charges including child endangerment and sexual battery, will officially hear what her...

Prosecutors say Los Gatos mother tried to establish drug ring in...

Over the past few months, Shannon O’Connor, the woman charged with manipulating teens into attending her drunken parties, came up with a scheme to...
courthouse Santa Clara County by Drew Penner

O’Connor considering pleading to all charges

As Shannon O’Connor, the Los Gatos mom charged with throwing illegal parties for teens and facilitating sexual assault, sat in Department 39 of the...
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Shannon O’Connor loses bail appeal

The woman accused of luring Los Gatos teens to wild parties and facilitating sexual assaults, appeared in court Monday for a hearing, just days...
O'Connor / Amaral residence

Woman accused of throwing alcohol-fueled parties for teens extradited to Santa...

The woman who threw alcohol-fueled parties for teens at her Los Gatos mansion, where sex was encouraged, arrived back in Santa Clara County yesterday...
Shannon O'Connor los gatos district attorney crime charges shannon bruga

Woman charged with hosting underage sex parties in Los Gatos

A Los Gatos woman threw drunken parties for teenagers where she encouraged sex acts, sometimes non-consensual, and sometimes while she watched, according to charges...