presidential motorcade in Los Gatos
The presidential motorcade turns onto Los Gatos-Saratoga Road after the June 19 fundraiser. (Alia Arafeh / Los Gatan)

A small scattering of people lined Los Gatos Boulevard this afternoon in anticipation of President Joe Biden, hoping to catch a glimpse of the POTUS riding through town with his brigade. Some held signs, while others seemed confused about the street closures and traffic caused by his arrival.

President Biden came to the Bay Area this Monday for a series of events geared towards bolstering his climate agenda and preparing for the election campaign ahead. One of these took place in Los Gatos Hills. It was a fundraiser hosted by Kevin Scott, a Microsoft executive, and Reid Hoffman, co-founder of Linkedin. Biden arrived following a visit to Palo Alto and preceding another fundraiser in Atherton.

A police officer looks at someone behind tape
A police officer looks towards someone who appears to be on the wrong side of the caution tape. (Alia Arafeh / Los Gatan)

In Palo Alto, Biden toured the Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Interpretive Center, where he announced that $600 million would be directed towards climate initiatives.

The last time he visited the Bay Area was to assess storm damage along the coast. While the latest visit was welcomed by some, others felt it was somewhat unexpected.

Sophia Fenchel is a Los Gatos High School student who lives on Loma Alta Avenue. She only had to step outside her door to witness the president driving through town. Fenchel explained that she’s experienced this kind of event before, as she witnessed Vice President Kamala Harris passing through the community, last year.

the big guy sign
A woman holding a dog crosses the street towards someone displaying a sign reading “Welcome Big Guy!!”
(Alia Arafeh / Los Gatan)

“While I am not big into politics or follow Joe, I do think it is a very interesting experience to get to watch the president drive down your street,” said Fenchel. However, she added, “it is very annoying that they block off all the streets and that you are unable to leave.”

Such unannounced road closures took place throughout the day and are expected to continue around the San Francisco area over the next three days.

The motorcade exited Los Gatos just after 4pm, meaning residents can return to life as usual, as roads have reopened.

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