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July 24, 2024

Tag: Shannon Road

Shannon road closure

Town closes one lane along Shannon Road as recently-annexed hillside becomes...

Town warns of shifting pavement on Shannon Road A recent shifting of pavement along Shannon Road near Diduca Way and Santa Rosa Drive could create...
Shannon Road

Meeting, concessions, win over Shannon Road residents for cycling and pedestrian...

Los Gatos has been trying to hang on to environmental grants for a bike path along Shannon Road while still appeasing neighbors who didn't...
cracked sidewalk

In split decision, Council agrees to transfer $844K for Shannon Road...

Mayor Maria Ristow helped push through funding for a bike and pedestrian project on a 1,400-foot residential section of Shannon Road that connects with...
cracked road

Los Gatos accuses Santa Clara County of fraud in $5.5M lawsuit

The Town of Los Gatos filed a lawsuit against the County of Santa Clara earlier this month, claiming fraud, breach of contract and negligence,...
Shannon Road Facing North1

Local Scene: Shannon Road update; cannabis discussion

Update meeting set on Shannon Road project On Jan. 15 at 10am, a community meeting is scheduled to provide design updates for the Shannon Road...
Los Gatos - Multi-Use Path Drawings

Town Seeks Calmer, Safer, More Bike-Friendly Shannon Road

Los Gatos is moving ahead with roadway improvements for Shannon Road. Residents questioned the merits of some proposals.
Shannon Road Facing North1

How Can We Make Shannon Road Safer?

Spray paint along on Shannon Road indicating where speed humps and other municipal infrastructure will go is a taste of what's to come. But for...