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July 24, 2024

Tag: Dan Pulcrano

Teri Hope

Hope stepping back from day-to-day café operations

A message in a window along Main Street has been turning heads in recent days, as locals wondered whether it spells change for Los...
Tales of the town cover

Paulistan Provenance

During a trip to São Paulo last year, my wife and I had the chance to dine at D.O.M., chef Alex Atala’s Michelin two-star...

Los Gatan officially designated ‘Newspaper of General Circulation’

As the sunlight poured into the Santa Clara County Superior Court room, May 30, illuminating the three-panel abstract ocean scene on an austere wooden...
Black and White Los Gatos

Tales of the Town: A Newspaper is Born Again

So there we stood… on the corner of N. Santa Cruz Ave. and Main Street two weeks ago, ready to start a weekly newspaper...
selfie at launch party

Remembering our Issue 1 launch, on the eve of the second...

Today we are "putting to bed" (as they say in the news biz) our second issue of the Los Gatan newspaper. That means you'll...