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February 28, 2024
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theatre opening in Los Gatos

Top Town and business community leaders leaving roles

As Assistant Town Manager Arn Andrews arrived at the grand re-opening for the Los Gatos Theatre, Thursday, it marked the end for the long...
Arn Andrews debrief

Residents get crash-course on what to do during an earthquake

Local residents went through a dry-run of how to react to a natural disaster, Saturday, when they were hit with a 7.2 magnitude “earthquake.”...
Interior of the Los Gatos Theater (main area)

COMING SOON: Town on verge of handing theater keys to CineLux

Paul Gunsky navigates his way around the boxes stacked up next to the concession booth inside Los Gatos’ classic theater building. The CineLux CEO—who jokingly...
downtown los gatos theatre

Town, CineLux reach agreement to reopen Los Gatos Theatre

The Los Gatos Theatre has been shuttered since the pandemic but now plans are moving ahead for the locally owned CineLux chain to reopen...

Neighbors in the College Hill area take part in fire evacuation...

On Saturday, April 2, the Town of Los Gatos held a fire evacuation drill for residents in the College Hill neighborhood. The drill was...
Washington Capitol building

Los Gatos getting $750K from Washington for fuel reduction project

With Democrats and Republicans coming together to move a $1.5 trillion spending bill through Congress, thanks in no small part to the aid for...
downtown los gatos theatre

Town takes over iconic downtown movie theater

The Los Gatos Theatre has been shuttered since the pandemic began but plans are now underway for it to reopen as a town-owned facility. The...