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These reports are compiled from publicly-available information released by the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department.

May 19

-A man was reported as suspicious while picking flowers from the bushes a little after midnight.

-A vehicle collision with no injuries was reported at Cherry Blossom Lane and Blossom Hill Road at 1:28pm. It involved a Honda Odyssey vs. a Toyota Venza.

-A reporting party said a driver pulled-up along Bartlett Court the prior night, as a mailbox cluster was forced open and two subjects holding a basket got into the Nissan Maxima.

-A garage door opener and miscellaneous items were reported stolen from a vehicle on Birch Wood Court.

-A caller said their wallet was stolen while she was shopping at Safeway on North Santa Cruz Avenue. The reporting party’s cards were then used at a clothing store in Los Gatos and the Apple Store.

May 20

-A backpack was taken from a 2019 red Mini Cooper on Loma Alta Avenue before 5:03am.

-A suspect yelled that “illegal immigrants need to go back home,” along North Santa Cruz Avenue. Police were unable to locate the individual.

-A suspect paid for merchandise at the UPS Store on North Santa Cruz Avenue with a counterfeit $100 bill.

-At 4:55pm, vandalism was reported at Stickney Cell Site on Fairview Plaza. The suspect reportedly cut down several trees and damaged the hillside.

May 21

-An “explosion” was heard at South Kennedy Road and Pint Court around 9:20am. The caller thought it might be a gunshot. No smoke was identified, despite the smell.

-A gray Toyota Tacoma and a black transit van collided around 9:47am. No injuries were reported.

-A suspect reportedly urinated at the bus stop next to Chase Bank then walked away before 10am.

-A caller said their wallet, with more than $1,000, was stolen the prior day.

-A counselor said a client had disclosed being sexually abused by a neighbor.

May 22

-A man was reportedly stumbling around a parking lot looking into vehicles around 10:49am.

-A caller said a suspect had threatened to stab her on Winchester Boulevard around 12:48pm. The reporting party claimed she’d caught him trying to steal a package.

-A white off-road bike was reportedly doing wheelies at Harwood and Blossom Hill roads around 8:30pm.

May 23

-A vehicle vs. cyclist collision occurred at Blossom Hill Road and University Avenue around 8:35am. The driver provided the reporting party with her name, but the caller didn’t get her insurance info or phone number.

-Jewelry was reported missing from a Farley Road address.

-A caller reported vandalism to her vehicle at Blossom Hill Road and Leigh Avenue around 9:30pm.

May 24

-A woman reported her wallet was stolen at Trader Joe’s at 10:26am.

-A failed vehicle theft was reported from Hershner Drive. The caller said it happened overnight.

-At 5:05pm, behind Share Team off of Park Avenue, a caller said a vehicle hit their vehicle.

-A gardener saw four boys running away from Tait Avenue towards Highway 9 after kicking a fence in, shortly after 5pm.

-At Santa Maria and Kennedy Road, two people headed westbound on Kennedy reportedly yelled racial slurs at a person who was walking her dog, around 9pm.

-Minor injuries were reported in the collision of two Toyotas at Capri Drive and Knowles Avenue. The occupants of the 4Runner and the Corolla were up and walking around by 9:55pm.

-A caller advised that people were throwing eggs from Los Gatos Creek Trail before the 20A exit around 11pm.

-Police received a loud music complaint out of Bachman Park at 10:25pm. The caller said they asked the group of 5-6 teens to turn down the tunes “but they did not.”

-A Honda Odyssey was reported for repeatedly honking its horn from a parking lot.

May 25

-A black 2011 Mercedes S550 was reported stolen from North Santa Cruz Avenue at 12:46am. The caller said his friend has a key, but shouldn’t have taken the car.

-An older model dark Mercury with flashers on was reportedly “patrolling the area,” according to the reporting party who “thinks it is casing homes,” at 10:32am.

-At 3:37pm, a homeless subject was scaring patients, according to a Los Gatos Boulevard property owner.

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