Chocolatier Michiko Marron-Kibbey, the owner of Los Gatos shop Deux Cranes, says she’s enjoyed following how San Diego-based Amy Troung and Lani Gobaleza have operated their brand PARU Tea over the years.

And now, for the month of October, Marron-Kibbey is rolling out a collab with PARU to launch a variety of matcha chocolates that pay homage to Japanese history.

Michiko Marron-Kibbey during a Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce Wine Walk, last year. (Drew Penner / Los Gatan)

The partnership will incorporate PARU’s house-milled matcha into a limited-run JUN Matcha bar ($20)—but this will only be released to their newsletter customers.

red chocolates
This ruby red chocolate delight is part of a collaboration with matcha tea brand PARU. (Victoria Morris / Deux Cranes)

They’ve planned a Raspberry Almond Matcha Bar ($14) with a tart profile to complement the tea’s complex flavor.

Deux Cranes will drop a KOI Deep Matcha Bar ($15), made with quite a concentrated dose of matcha tea. Marron-Kibbey says it will present a bold, earthy flavor reminiscent of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

pucks of chocolate
Four chocolate pucks. (Victoria Morris / Deux Cranes)

Plus, the company has concocted a so-called “Matcha Sablés” ($8), a buttery shortbread cookie punctuated with a surprising matcha approach.

The collection will also be offered as a set for $35.

No word, so far, on whether the raspberries are included.

A launch event will be held on Saturday, Oct. 1, from 12-4pm at the storefront located at 15531 Union Avenue, Los Gatos.

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