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October 1, 2022
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Letter to the Editor: Sue Walsh is one of Los Gatos’ special residents

You will find that Sue Walsh approaches her projects and the people she provides for with extra care. She gets to know people by learning what they care about, then attends to their interests and needs. She works toward a greater good. We all benefit.

She has been a leader in the Art Docent program in the Los Gatos schools since 2013, so some of you may have had an art class taught by her, or your children may know her. She cares about art in the schools and has been an Art Docent leader through active board positions, improving curriculum, resources, recruiting and training.  

She was the first female loan officer in California in 1976. She had been a loan processor and worked her way up the ranks. In 1980 she opened her own mortgage company called Nystrom Financial. She sold that company in 1989. 

As a loan officer she moved into real estate, starting in Los Altos in 1989. She moved to La Jolla for nine years but missed the Bay Area. Now in Los Gatos since 2012, she has created a special Real Estate business, first with Alain Pinel, staying with the same company as it changed owners and is now Compass. One of the benefits she can offer her clients through Compass is the ability to loan money at no cost and it would be repaid at the close of escrow.

The funds are used to get a house ready to sell, and she can offer the availability of the large number of resources so she can find just the right painter, stager or other professional for a particular individual. Periodically she puts on a special class for people considering downsizing and brings together experts to answer questions and provide information so that the process is easier. 

This year she became a REALM member, a group of the most accomplished real estate professionals internationally. With the extra training and resources that she gains from that affiliation, she will be even more able to serve the varied and vibrant people coming and going from Los Gatos.

In her spare time, she has volunteered for other local causes and also leads a walking group/boot camp, started for Art Docent volunteers. Twice a week for the last 20 or so years, you will see her and a group of active walkers hiking the hills and neighborhoods of Los Gatos talking about current events, gardens, neighborhoods and supporting each other. 

As one of the participants in her walking group, I wanted to let the community know about all she provides for Los Gatos for the benefit of all. 

Julie Groves

Los Gatos

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