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November 27, 2022
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Letter: Article was too confusing

I have read the story “Woman who threw parties” (Los Gatan, Dec. 29, 2021-Jan. 4, 2022) six times and still cannot understand what the author is trying to say. Grammatically, the article is written so poorly that the reader loses the ability to understand what is being presented. Most sentences run on aimlessly incorporating unrelated or divergent content leaving the reader confused. I had three other people read it to verify my thoughts and they were puzzled, also. 

Does anyone at the Los Gatan proofread and edit the articles you publish? An example of the poor and confusing structure and wording of the article follows: Who is Minor? Minor is an adjective used to describe a person under the age of 18. The writer used Minor as a noun causing confusion to this reader who could not find anybody in the story named Minor. Is Minor a shortcut for identifying the alleged perpetrator mentioned in the article? The reader has to guess.

Marlene Burak

Los Gatos