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Locals sounded-off on autonomous vehicles. (Photos by Dinah Cotton)

Editor—Following last week’s op-ed about the autonomous vehicle expansion down the peninsula towards Los Gatos, we figured it was high time to send reporter Dinah Cotton out to get a sense of what locals think about sharing their roads with robots…

Just about everyone I asked this week’s question hesitated.

Safety was a concern. And many felt we are not quite there yet.

I can remember driving a stick shift. Do they even make those anymore?

Peter Burke, 39, with Baby Bradley Burke

Tech industry worker

Asked along Santa Cruz Avenue

“Weird, not there on the trust issue, maybe in a few years.”

John Hitchcock, 71

Quality control

Asked at Starbucks on Santa Cruz Ave.

“Still concerned on the maturity of the product and the safety.”

Sarah VonSchriltz, 19

Pet stylist,

Asked at parking lot in front of Petco

“I wouldn’t trust ’em. Not enough studies.”

Jessica Saracut, 22

Asked at the Petco counter

“Not a fan.”

Ricardo Vidal, 23

Server at Andalé Mexican Kitchen

Asked at Santa Cruz Avenue and Main Street

“I do not like them.”

People here don’t exactly seem thrilled about the prospect of robotaxis roving around.

Then again, having a car to drive you to work every day or allowing for a midafternoon cat nap just might come in handy.

Will robots be eligible for speeding tickets?

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