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EDUCATIONAL - First lady Jill Biden speaking during a visit to Bergen Community College with Sectretary of Education Miguel Cardona in January 2022. (lev radin / Shutterstock)

First lady Jill Biden made a pit stop in Los Gatos last week, speaking at a fundraiser hosted by Shannon Hunt-Scott, the wife of Microsoft Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott.

It was part of a three-day burst of campaigning to boost the president’s reelection chances, as rival Donald Trump makes fundraising inroads after becoming a felon.

According to a White House pool report, the first lady spoke about the time Joe asked her to marry him for the fifth time (which she said yes to), and what it was like when they found out he’d been elected president four years ago.

She also remarked how during “the highest peaks and deepest valleys of our lives,” and “through our painful losses and our triumphant victories, Joe has always been strong and steady,” the readout stated.

The first lady characterized Trump as someone who only cares about himself and is dangerous to families, institutions and the entire US democratic system.

And she said people want to make the election “about any number of issues,” adding, the only question that matters is, “Do we want the chaos, hate and division of Donald Trump, or the stability, integrity and character of Joe Biden?”

Jill Biden said it’s not wrong for Americans to worry their rights might be in jeopardy this election season.

“Because they are,” she said. “As if our democracy is on the line. Because it is.”

There were around 70-80 people in attendance at the outdoor deck overlooking the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The event began around 12:40pm.

The bar sported floral arrangements and small pride and transgender equality flags.

“Everyone is welcome here, especially during pride,” Hunt-Scott said. “We need everyone in this moment, because what stands before us is so critical. It is so big. In November, we have to protect democracy; we have to protect free and fair elections; we have to protect a woman’s right to choose; we have to protect transgender kids.”

According to the White House, the crowd included 40 educators, who heard how, while second lady during the Obama administration, Jill Biden embraced education advocacy.

“Dr. Biden is, like, the real deal educator, folks,” Hunt-Scott said.

She called the first lady the president’s “most trusted confidante,” describing her as “tireless” and fierce.”

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