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This time, our Question of the Week delves into the earth... (Photos by Dinah Cotton; Composite by Drew Penner)

This time of year, Los Gatans are out in their gardens, enjoying the spring weather and growing tomatoes of many exotic varieties.

Once you get used to a tomato you’ve raised, it is so disappointing to bite into one from a store and find it has no taste.

And don’t get me started about how homegrown Meyer lemons are unbeatable.

Today we hear from locals about their gardening proclivities…

Thomas Bloink, Washington, D.C., 67

California Cranial Institute, Los Gatos

“Oh yes. I garden—and organically—for years. I grow six-foot-tall tomatoes of all varieties. Sometimes I use grow bags.”

Tina Mistry, 28

Office manager, California Cranial Institute

“I enjoy my parents’ garden: eggplants, tomatoes, chilies, bitter melons and snap peas.”

Lucia Rasmussen, 26, barista

Asked at Santa Cruz Ave. and Highway 9

“I do not have a garden. I would like to have one.”

Clinton Hickey, 27

Treat dispenser, Pet People

“Yes we do. Mostly succulents.”

Susan Hulse, 68

Hospice aide, asked at Starbucks on N. Santa Cruz Ave.

“Yes, I garden at our Sonora place. I love bulbs and all flowers—especially roses. Also: veggies, tomatoes, strawberries, herbs. We have lemons galore this year.”

No one mentioned zucchini (and as you may know, when it comes in, it really comes in).

But there are plenty of delivery options for that summer squash—zucchini bread, baked and stuffed zucchini, parmesan zucchini.

Hey, here’s a good idea: get together with your gardening neighbors and grow different veggies to swap.

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