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June 20, 2024
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Residents celebrate Easter with egg hunting, church services + train rides

Calvary Church in neon
This weekend was brimming with Easter services, family gatherings, brunches and, of course, search parties for ovular objects. Mother Nature cooperated with sunshine inviting people outdoors to enjoy the early festive date, which is determined by moon phase. On a clear Saturday morning at a somewhat...

What’s your favorite thing to do on a ‘night out’?

Easter Questions
This week we get the low-down on what people around town like to do for an evening of fun... Karen Vincent, early 60s (with “Bowie”) Los Gatos Asked along Main Street “I like to watch Netflix with my cat—a peaceful evening at home.” Natalie Pavlovic, 23 Cupertino-Montreal Asked at Los Gatos...

A Pirate Cat Radio story…

Daniel and his radio transmitter
Pirate Cat Radio, at the 92.9 FM frequency, is the “work in progress” of Los Gatos resident Daniel Roberts. KPCR was switched on in 2020 and relocated here this past December, as first reported by the Los Gatan. For Pirate Cat Radio founder Roberts,...

What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Question of the week 4
As I strolled my way to the Los Gatos Farmers’ Market in Plaza Park on Palm Sunday, I decided it was the perfect moment to gauge local sentiment on the season… Dayna Creggs, 52 Along Main Street "Seeing all of the trees blooming." Luciella Polidori, 4 In front of...

Veterans group sharing stories of Vietnam War-era service members

Honor a Vet
While in office, President Barack Obama signed a declaration that paid homage to America's Vietnam War veterans. Vietnam War Veteran Commemoration Day takes place on March 29 and 30 throughout states in the U.S.  California has chosen to celebrate Vietnam War vets on March...

Ethos celebrates first anniversary; Fiesta de Artes propels service club to international stage (Local Scene)

Ethos Los Gatos
The Los Gatos Kiwanis Club has been chosen to represent all Kiwanis Clubs in California, Nevada and Hawaii with 30+ members in the Kiwanis International Signature Project Contest. The event highlights initiatives that embody the “Kiwanian” spirit of volunteering to help the children of the...

Yoga + mimosas; LGHS puts on Cinderella; 100 years of Kiwanis; Beauté Bar opening (Calendar)

yoga at Jackie 'O
Booty Burn, Sip + Shop Jackie ‘O and Spenga have teamed up to host a yoga and mimosa event Sunday, March 24, at 10am at 48 N. Santa Cruz Ave. “Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat, water bottle, and towel, and feel free to bring...

The historic First National bank building

historic bank
The arrival of Breaking Dawn, the newest restaurant on the Los Gatos dining scene, is the perfect occasion for a story about its historic home. The Renaissance Revival building that Breaking Dawn now occupies on W. Main St. was designed and built for The First...

The chill town and its cheerleader

In Morgan Hill, there are no roads looking like a pockmarked moonscape and no tumbleweed rolling across the open spaces. The city’s drama level is lower than the cost of living (although perhaps not by much). The downtown area is vibrant, filled with restaurants,...

Question of the Week: What Does St. Paddy’s Day Mean to You?

The Town's Plaza Park proved to be the perfect place, this past Sunday, to connect with locals and visitors about the meaning of a very green date on the calendar. Bernadette Duggan, 84, retired Alamaden "A very special time to get together with whomever we can." Vi Dayal,...