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February 28, 2024
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Dormant pruning exploits winter dormancy

pruning needed of branches
Bare root season begins as the year ends for a simple reason. That is when deciduous plants are dormant. They are unaware of the otherwise distressful process of relocation. This is also why winter is the season for dormant pruning. Such pruning would be...

Los Gatos High admin Kristi Grasty leads school district to Golden Bell Award with cafeteria menu shift (local scene)

Los Gatos High School administrator presents at international conference Los Gatos High School Assistant Principal Kristi Grasty presented her doctoral research at the 13th International Conference on Food Studies at the University of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico in October.  A presenter and panelist, Grasty’s leadership in...

Los Gatos Buzz: Online author talk, Lincoln Trio concert, and Valentine fun run

The Lincoln Trio
Los Gatos has a variety of events and activities on tap including: an online author talk, the Lincoln Trio concert, the Mystery Lover's Book Club, the Valentine Fun Run/Walk, the Los Gatos Farmers Market, and meetings of the Kiwanis Club of Los Gatos, the Rotary Club of Los Gatos, the Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club, the Los Gatos Lions Club, the Los Gatos Union School District Board of Trustees.

Discover LOST Gatos: The wets and the drys

women seek prohibition
Happy New Year, Los Gatos!  After overindulging during the holidays, many people begin the new year by observing a “Dry January.” The practice of abstaining from alcohol for a month started in the U.K. in 2012 as part of a campaign by Alcohol Concern, a...

Living Christmas trees eventually mature

Living Christmas trees require attention after Christmas. Some can only be contained for a few years, while others need to be graduated to the garden.

Star of Netflix’ ‘Indian Matchmaking’ coming to Campbell; History Club of Los Gatos hosting open house (local scene)

Sima Taparia
The History Club of Los Gatos is holding an open house event on Jan. 25 to celebrate its 127-year history of supporting women and children in Santa Clara County, while Sima Taparia of the Netflix reality show "Indian Matchmaker" is hosting a meet-and-greet event in Campbell.

After performing with Harry Styles, Usher + Pink, local graduate Saghari is choreographing a second New Ballet piece

Keon posing for a photo
Keon Saghari, a Los Gatos High School graduate, has found success in the world of rollerskating, performing with Usher, Pink and Harry Styles, and is now choreographing a ballet piece for New Ballet's upcoming show in San Jose.

Bareroot season begins in January

Heath and heather
Christmas trees and associated items are no imposition for nurseries. They are seasonal while not much else is appealing to a retail market. They occupy retail area that summer and autumn commodities relinquished earlier. Then, they relinquish their same space as bareroot stock becomes...

Documentary premiere

Kyle Santoro
Los Gatos High School senior Kyle Santoro premiered his documentary film, “Fentanyl High,” on Dec. 6 at the CineLux Los Gatos Theatre. Shot from the perspective and experiences of high school students in Santa Clara County, “Fentanyl High” is a documentary film about fentanyl poisoning...

High schoolers get dramatic with Santa Cruz Shakespeare; El Camino Health earns top marks (local scene)

Los Gatos High School drama students
Los Gatos High School drama students have partnered with Santa Cruz Shakespeare to be a model for their educational outreach program; Assembly committee on mental health meets in Los Gatos; El Camino Health earns top hospital award.