Pete the duck.
BLIND WATERFOWL - Pete the duck is a beloved member of the Bunches family. (Dinah Cotton / Los Gatan)

Did you know May is National Pet Month? To celebrate this month dedicated to our extra family members, you could get your pet a pet—and a rescued one is best.

You could post more photos and videos of them online, or buy them presents.

I headed around town to survey the pets landscape…

three dogs
HITCHED (L-R) The author’s dogs, Cinnamon Girl and Prince Edward II, next to Niko. (Dinah Cotton / Los Gatan)

Working Animals

In addition to fresh flowers from Corralitos, at Bunches, at 12 N. Santa Cruz Ave., you’ll find Pete the female duck, who’s been living here for over 20 years. Camila Velasco explained Pete’s story. “We used to bring in ducks and chicks for Easter,” she said, adding that, one year, she and a coworker convinced the business owner to let them adopt a duck. “We named her Pete before she started laying eggs. The name stuck.” 

Across the street, at The Yellow Brick Road on  59 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Riley the 13-year-old golden retriever, was taking a nap near the entrance and did not bother to get up to greet me. He performed his one-eye-open security check and allowed me to enter.

golden retriever laying down inside
TRANQUIL – Riley the Golden Retriever reclining at The Yellow Brick Road. (Dinah Cotton / Los Gatan)

Los Gatos’ Pet Shops

Further down Santa Cruz Avenue, just across Highway 9, is Petco. The store offers grooming, live fish, birds, small animals, bearded dragon lizards, python snakes and everything that you might need to keep these animals happy in your home.

At 514 N. Santa Cruz Ave., is Pet People. I caught up with General Manager Martin Tuttle, just as he was exiting the premises. “We participate and support local schools and churches with their fundraisers,” he told me. “We also work with the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, who rehabilitate injured found wild animals then release them back to nature.”

Pet Food Express, at 15466 Los Gatos Blvd., with its dog washing stations, community visiting vet and medications, also works with local shelters and rescues for pet adoption.

Los Gatos Birdwatcher at Kings Court, 792 Blossom Hill Rd., is a store for nature lovers. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you can’t have a pet for one reason or another. They’ll show you how to attract birds and lead you on free Saturday birdwatching walks. A parting thought: If you are lucky enough to have a pet that can be chipped, please chip them. This will help identify your pets for return if they ever get lost. We give our animals a piece of our hearts, and they give us unconditional love back.

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