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A round-up of reports to the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department from Jan. 7-13, 2024.

Jan. 7

• A caller reported 25 people for doing a fitness class on Villa Avenue at 7:23am.

Jan. 8

• Grand theft was reported on N. Santa Cruz Avenue at 4:48pm.

Jan. 9

• A caller reported their Milbrae Lane neighbor for doing laundry at 6:49am, saying it was “making a thumping noise” and keeping them awake. They threatened that “things may escalate” if the police “isn’t willing to do their job.”

• A bike was reported stolen from a business on N. Santa Cruz Avenue.

• A man was arrested for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon on the first block of University Avenue at 3:42pm.

Jan. 10

• A caller suspected their plumber stole underwear and gold necklaces from their home on Los Patios. The plumber denied taking anything.

• A man reportedly stole linens from a hotel on Los Gatos Saratoga Road.

• A laptop was reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Fairview Plaza.

• A home was reportedly burglarized on Wollin Way.

Jan. 11

• A bicyclist reportedly threw his bicycle on top of a vehicle during a road rage incident on Kennedy Road and Los Gatos Boulevard at 2:28pm.

• Battery was reported during a road rage incident on University Avenue at 4:27pm.

• Someone stole a vehicle’s license plate on Los Gatos Boulevard.

• A caller complained of loud construction noises in the underground parking lot for the past four nights on Burton Road at 6:36pm.

Jan. 12

• A vehicle was reported stolen on Oak Hill Way.

• A caller said an apartment tenant “constantly has music turned on high” on Forrest Avenue.

• Two people reportedly stole cough and cold medicine from a store on Blossom Hill Road at 11:58am.

• A passport and other personal documents were reported stolen on Withey Road.

• A caller reported a man for selling fruit and blankets on the roadside on Carlton and National avenues at 3:50pm.

Jan. 13

• A caller said they heard “explosions” on Carlton Avenue at 12:12am.

• A man was arrested on an outside warrant on Harwood and Blossom Hill roads at 12:56am.

• Two teens with a squirt gun in their backpack reportedly “stalked” the caller on N. Santa Cruz Avenue at 5:13pm.

Information is compiled from public records released by the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department.

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