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February 28, 2024
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Tag: Russian invasion of Ukraine


Local rabbi draws on personal experience while volunteering with Ukrainian refugees

Ilana Baird, 48, who works at the Jewish Community Center in Los Gatos, knows firsthand how traumatizing war can be for children. Back in 2006,...
Ukrainian event promo poster

Ukrainian festival in Felton Sunday raising money to support refugees here...

On Tuesday, Morgan Hill-based woodworking business California Craft House had to pull out of Sunday’s fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees set to be held in...
Outdoors in San Diego

Ukrainian sister of Los Gatos woman makes it to America

A 35-hour curfew had been imposed on Elena Kramerova’s hometown of Kyiv. A residential building 10 minutes away from the 55-year-old’s home had just...
Ilya at home

Fallout of Russian invasion for local Ukrainian community continues

Members of Los Gatos’ extended community have been sharing their stories with the Los Gatan of how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put...
Aleks in front of a tree

Los Gatos’ Ukrainian community shaken by war overseas

An older woman with blonde hair clutches grocery bags and scurries out of the Slavic Shop, the Saratoga Avenue store where South Bay residents...