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May 18, 2024
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Students lead charge against global water crisis

Imagine embarking on a five-hour journey every morning, not to an exotic destination, but to your kitchen sink. Picture a 25-pound container, not filled...
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Guest View: Town’s failure on housing has disastrous consequences

Jak Van Nada considers the consequences of Los Gatos failing to get its Housing Element certified, despite sending in multiple drafts.
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Op-Ed: Tamien Nation deserves to be recognized as historical Los Gatos...

On Aug. 10, 2022, the Los Gatan published an article by Drew Penner on the Town’s efforts to acknowledge the first people of Los...
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Op-Ed: Town must seek proof before recognizing ‘Original Inhabitants’

In a recent Los Gatan article, titled “Town’s effort to acknowledge earliest residents fraught with challenges,” journalist Drew Penner was attempting to shed light...

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

As we draw nearer to Thanksgiving, I am reminded of this holiday’s origins and significance. There are some interesting and noteworthy parallels with today’s...
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Coming to terms in Los Gatos

Los Gatos is not Washington, D.C. where the level of partisanship is extremely high. Nor is it Palo Alto, where I lived for more...
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Why does it take so long to build?

A much-discussed course of action to bring housing affordability to our area is to create more housing. And if we are to build more...