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May 18, 2024
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Los Gatos Civic Center

Van Nada: 4 Town officials responsible for flood of Builder’s Remedy...

Four Town officials—Town Manager Laurel Prevetti and former mayors Maria Ristow and Rob Rennie, along with Councilmember Rob Moore—have been responsible for the failure...
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Never criticize your boss

Contributor Jeffrey P. Blum is a family law mediator. Robert Greene’s book “The 48 Laws of Power” instructs us to never criticize our boss. Avoiding...
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Alliance: Leaders need to do better job on housing plan

I mentioned in the article, “Group says Town needs to add more sites to housing list” (Los Gatan, Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 2023), that I...
Jeffrey Blum

The worry wart surfaces

Most conscientious attorneys are worry warts/party poopers. We’re paid to consider all potential scenarios. Thus, it came as no shock to me that I...
Jeffrey Blum

Blum: My ideas for attracting new members to Rotary

Somehow through my years as a volunteer in many different endeavors I’ve gotten the notion that I know how to generate interest about the...
Jeffrey Blum

A rewarding challenge

Timing is everything, right? Somehow, in some way, I find myself serving as the chairperson of the Community Health and Senior Services Commission as...
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Making the seniors road map work

Around spring 1970, I took my first cross country road trip with my college friend, Cliff, who later became a doctor and then the...
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GUEST VIEW: Local news keeps community humming

As a family law litigator who was terrified by the prospect of having to go to court, but who nevertheless did so for 40-plus...
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Op-Ed: Town must seek proof before recognizing ‘Original Inhabitants’

In a recent Los Gatan article, titled “Town’s effort to acknowledge earliest residents fraught with challenges,” journalist Drew Penner was attempting to shed light...
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Lung cancer can attack without a cigarette in sight

I walked out of a chemistry lab my freshman year of college, excited to call my family and update them on my newfound independence....