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May 18, 2024
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Los Gatos Town Council

Town Council shuts-down request for another nonresident on new DEI Commission

Last night, all but one Los Gatos Town Councilmembers voted against allowing another person who doesn't live in the community to serve on a...
Los Gatos Council

Los Gatos stays the course with push-back against State on housing

Multiple Council members raised concerns at their regularly-scheduled Feb. 20 meeting that the sprawling motion presented by the Vice Mayor at the prior meeting...
los gatos town council rob moore

Moore proposes exploring tax targeting Netflix and similar businesses

On Christmas Eve, Los Gatos-based Netflix was once again thrust into the national political spotlight as Kevin Spacey (as “House of Cards” character Frank...
Badame receives the gavel

Mary Badame named Mayor; Matthew Hudes to serve as Vice Mayor

It was a whirlwind 12 months of store-openings, community-building, future-envisioning and infrastructure development, but as they say, all good things must come to an...
USPS site

Council supports rezoning for homes in split-decisions

On Nov. 7, Town Council members debated the merits of rezoning areas where homebuilding is meant to occur. The meeting kicked off with an item...
Disneyland castle

My Disneyland-themed vision for LGS Rec’s facility

First, the disclaimer. While I am the chairperson of the Community Health and Senior Services Commission (CHSSC), I write this article on my own...
weed abatement manager

Town cracks down on property owner for weeds (Council Briefs)

Los Gatos followed through on its plan to fine a property owner for allowing weeds to get out of control, during its Aug. 1...
Los Gatos Civic Center with tall flowers out front

Los Gatos introduces $56.1M budget

In order to avoid dipping into its retirement account to balance the budget, the Los Gatos Town Council resorted to an “accounting gimmick” where...
Catherine Somers

Chamber of Commerce wins funding boost from Council

Over the past several years under the leadership of Executive Director Catherine Somers, the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce has become a vital cog...
community members admire wall

Community pooled resources to build entrance wall at Double D’s

On April 25, Los Gatos residents gathered to cheer on the completion of a wall meant to welcome people to downtown. “It just seemed like...