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February 28, 2024
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Tag: community

Busy event

History Club open house draws new faces

After the throng exited the Jan. 25 History Club of Los Gatos open house, organizers Lisa Harris (the event chair) and Emma Jewell (co-chair)...
new History Club members

History Club plans to open up membership to a wider audience

When Emma Jewell packed her bags in Buckinghamshire, England for a new life in Los Gatos, she landed in a whole new world. She wanted...
community members admire wall

Community pooled resources to build entrance wall at Double D’s

On April 25, Los Gatos residents gathered to cheer on the completion of a wall meant to welcome people to downtown. “It just seemed like...
big winners at Turkey Bowl 2022

Red team rides to victory in 2022 Turkey Bowl action

Town of Los Gatos officials got the ball spinning by arriving at Creekside Sports Park early on Thanksgiving Day to allow organizers to start...
ecstatic dancers

Ecstatic dance company back in-person with Los Gatos events

A boutique Bay Area "ecstatic dance" company is emerging from the pandemic with a series of in-person events in Los Gatos and the surrounding...

Chill temperatures on Lupin Lodge’s communal mountain forces clothes for New...

The sun had set, the fire outside was crackling, and the homegrown heirloom carrots were almost ready to plate. Dylan Palmer, 30, the event organizer...
Hepworths at disaster command post in Los Gatos

Drill to help locals prepare for a disaster

On Nov. 3, the group will hold a drive-thru drill from 10am-noon at Los Gatos Calvary Church, 16330 Los Gatos Blvd. The scenario this time will involve teams dispensing clean water to the community, as if something terrible had just occurred in the area.
seniors doing tai chi in Los Gatos

Senior nutrition center reopens for in-person lunches and activities

Although the Live Oak Senior Nutrition & Service Center doors were closed during the pandemic, employees and volunteers were busier than ever, with 90...
wildfire drill in the south bay of san francisco

Neighborhood ‘evacuated’ during wildfire drill

As wildfires burn through California, residents across the state are urged to have a “go bag” packed and ready to grab since precious minutes...
Scotts Valley Food and Wine Fest

Rebel Yell: Los Gatos Local Makes Memories at Scotts Valley Food,...

Los Gatos resident Kathy Skirmont, a member of the Rebel Legion costume group’s Bay Area chapter, made the trek over the hill into Santa...