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July 24, 2024

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The paradox of progress

News cycles spin with relentless negativity, bombarding us with stories of conflict, division and environmental woes. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the volume...
woman looking depressed

Introverts and social anxiety: what’s the difference?

Being an introvert and social anxiety are often confused, but they’re not the same. An introvert is a personality trait. Social anxiety is a...
Jeffrey Blum

Help us craft a community center that rocks

Ever feel like Los Gatos is missing a certain...spark? Do you observe, as I and many others have, that our town revolves around adorable...
Tales of the town cover

Paulistan Provenance

During a trip to São Paulo last year, my wife and I had the chance to dine at D.O.M., chef Alex Atala’s Michelin two-star...

The chill town and its cheerleader

In Morgan Hill, there are no roads looking like a pockmarked moonscape and no tumbleweed rolling across the open spaces. The city’s drama level...
Blood by Ahmad Ardity

Blood: The hot commodity everyone needs

We've got a crisis on our hands, and it's not the latest TikTok trend or an avocado shortage. We're talking about a severe blood...
sharing with others

8 tips on how to discuss your mental health with others

It can be frustrating to struggle with your mental health and to get your family and friends to understand where you are coming from....
Post office property

HEART OF OUR TOWN: Developer behind post office projects keeping options...

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” —motto associated with the...
Jeffrey Blum

‘Fugitive Dreams’ and forgotten realities

I’m not a movie reviewer. In fact, I wasn’t even much of a movie watcher, until the pandemic hit, which pretty much coincided with...
Jeffrey Blum

Columnist lauds compassion in action

On a recent rainy Saturday morning, I attended a Rotary meeting in Cupertino. My purpose in going was to learn more about the state...